Video Premiere: Stromboli – “Drop”

Posted by on December 18, 2017

Italian producer Nico Pasquini shared his self-titled debut cassette as Stromboli in 2015, following it up earlier this year with the equally dense and cautiously titled Volume Uno — via the same imprint, Maple Death Records, but this time pressed gravely to vinyl. In the meantime, while Pasquini brews a new batch of recordings, videomaker Tab_Ularasa (aka Luca Tanzini) offers an odd and unnerving visual companion to “Drop,” the three minute track that closes side-a of Volume Uno. Full of night creatures and careening insects, the video is a sequence of miniature nightmares and anxieties. It distorts the viewer’s sense of scale, warping perspective in bursts before resting on certain images, like the opening and near-close snippets of a glowing fire, reflected in an owl’s eyes and lighting its face. It’s a simple but effective bit of visual construction, and particularly suited to Pasquini’s work.

Order Volume Uno via Maple Death Records.