Video Premiere: Byron Westbrook – “Fireworks Choreography”

Posted by on November 14, 2017

When we last heard from Byron Westbrook, the Brooklyn-based musician had ditched his former Corridors alias and stepped out under his given name with the entrancing Precipice LP on Root Strata. Now, just over two years since then, Westbrook returns with Body Consonance, his first release for Hands in the Dark. The album reveals an entirely new layer in Westbrook’s sound and approach, eschewing dense tonal studies for more dynamic, moving pieces that by comparison feel almost choreographed. Closing track “Fireworks Choreography” stands apart from from Body Consonance‘s other four extended pieces, emphasizing slower, more deliberate motion — though it still evolves throughout its harmonic dirge. NYC artist/filmmaker Fern Silva directed the track’s video, using Super 16mm film to create the perfect visual accompaniment. In it, Fern uses long, meditative shots that highlight the brutally beautiful phenomena of nature, with a prismatic hot spring, slowly focused eclipse shot, searing lava crashing into the ocean, and a solemn shot at the opening of some unknown cave all match the emotional contrast resolved by Westbrook’s addicting tones.

Body Consonance is available now via Hands in the Dark.