Video Premiere: Gam Spun – “AF Hyperlink 10”

October 24, 2017

Video Premiere: Gam Spun – “AF Hyperlink 10” Working through Alex Chesney’s catalog is like digging through a bottomless trove of addictive sounds. As guitarist and co-founder of Ashrae Fax, Chesney creates truly entrancing guitar-and-drum machine shoegaze that recalls the more artful and emotive side of ethereal, experimental post-punk... 

Video Premiere: Beast – “Chase Scene”

October 6, 2017

Video Premiere: Beast – “Chase Scene” Koen Holtkamp is best known as one-half of kosmische drone tinkerers Mountains, alongside Brendon Anderegg. The duo, who also co-ran Chicago auteur imprint Apestaartje together, presiding over a sprawling mix of drone and ambient music for synthesizers, but with an oddly effective touch of folk in...