Video Premiere: Jacob Becker – “Everybody Wins”

Posted by on September 28, 2017

New York composer and producer Jacob Becker released his debut Meta Flux earlier this spring, via “holistic tape label” Soap Library. The imprint has an impressive proclivity for smells, also selling “sniffers” and pairing releases with their own little companions — for Becker, they packaged his new album with “black bath salts for ritualistic and relaxation purposes.” Soap Library also recently collaborated with MoMA Teens to teach young artists about cassette-making, so it seems clear they aren’t resting on their laurels with the “holistic” business.

Becker’s Meta Flux is an evocative tape, a colorful fountain of samples and sounds that blossom and distort, either statically in a loop or in freer movements. Though it’s sadly sold out at the source, Meta Flux is still available to download and Becker has been busy with a team of videomakers preparing a visual for “Everybody Wins,” a portion of track 5: “Always Already / Everybody Wins.” A dark figure careens through a varied landscape, juxtaposing some of the common sights that fill urban life in America, with all its highs and lows. We’re proud to unveil that above, with a statement from Becker himself…

“In the video for ‘Everybody Wins,’ I wanted to try to depict the simple act of just going shopping as negotiating a harsh reality ruled by cash, rather than just a simple transaction . . to show the late capitalist landscape as a true dystopia that we aid and abet every day, obscured and sweetened by the mirage of endless choice. The music mirrors this idea in the sense that is basically made of trash, small distorted non-musical pieces of sound. The question of whether there is any real difference between the mall and the blasted environment around it begins to arise…”

Download Meta Flux via Soap Library’s Bandcamp.