Video Premiere: Schwarzmodul – “Jader Burn”

Posted by on August 10, 2017

Released on Los Angeles imprint Track Number Records, Schwarzmodul’s self-titled debut is a sprawling, mini-epic that interweaves a variety of sonic features and directions. At times bleary and blissed out, and other times heaving and anxious, the tape manages to pull off a surprising range of experiments. The anonymous, LA-based project effortlessly turns from airy, smoked-out basement dub to neon-streaked post-rave on a dime, without missing a beat or fumbling mid-transition, making this debut an enticing peek into what should be a promising career. The video for “Jader Burn” perfectly captures the pummeling but narcotic side of Schwarzmodul’s sound. Comprised of grainy, sepia-tinged found footage, the visual offers a random assortment of lovely, half-remembered memories and warm, dreamlike visions. The song’s occasional, quasi-melody wanders into the narrative, urged along by a careful but persistent percussion loop.

Schwarzmodul is available now via Bandcamp.