Video Premiere: Schwarzmodul – “Jader Burn”

August 10, 2017

Video Premiere: Schwarzmodul – “Jader Burn” Released on Los Angeles imprint Track Number Records, Schwarzmodul’s self-titled debut is a sprawling, mini-epic that interweaves a variety of sonic features and directions. At times bleary and blissed out, and other times heaving and anxious, the tape manages to pull off a surprising range of... 

Video Premiere: YlangYlang – “Serpent Symbolism”

August 3, 2017

Video Premiere: YlangYlang – “Serpent Symbolism” For Montreal auteur YlangYlang the snake is a symbol of self, of repetition and the continuity we all hope for in life. Her track “Serpent Symbolism,” featured on the Sante Fe-based Atrium label’s new compilation Farewell, looks back on her own history with a peaceful, almost elegaical...