Video: Bonus Beast – “Mental Decay”

Posted by on June 28, 2017

There is a sound to every mood, and the grimey, oxidized alleys of your soul have no better soundtrack than Oakland’s raw techno wizard Bonus Beast. Mr. Beast (née Ryan King) makes music often described as “greyscale,” but for his first LP Mental Decay, Ratskin Records decided to add a little bit of color for their music video. For the first time, we can associate radiant bursts of outer-space footage, VHS feedback, and kaleidoscopic swirls with otherwise strained, muted rhythms. Sure, the fuzzy oscillations feel like a natural progression along Bonus Beast’s 100% grey-and-black cassette discography, but here the almost spiritual focus with which the Beast’s rhythms build, blend, and decay are enhanced by the psychedelic visual spectrum. Ratskin Records videos are an event unto themselves, designed to accompany and enhance their records, and this Mental Decay video is no different.

Bonus Beast’s first foray into vinyl is available via Ratskin Records, and not to be missed.