Video Premiere: Ogive – “Iso3a”

Posted by on June 14, 2017

The name Ogive may not immediately ring any bells, but the fledgling ambient project might be more familiar than you realize. Ogive is actually Spanish sound sculptor Elías Merino and British ambient producer Chris Herbert, both of whom are modest heroes in their respective aural worlds. Together, the duo blur their individual approaches to sound into something oddly serene and peripherally eerie. Merino, who largely works in jarring, pointillist sounds, brings out a certain edge not generally heard in Herbert’s more blissful, floating tones. This month Ogive share their proper debut on Room40, titled Folds.

Folds is a serene drift of lightly caustic textures, warmth, and introspective ambiance, all delivered in a blurred wash of synthetic sound. The brief video for “Iso3a,” culled from the album’s “Isomerica,” offers up a placid series of distorted plains and textures that morph and float in their own cosmos of blue and white light. It’s the perfect visual companion to the song’s own textural evolution. The song bobs along with Jan Jelinek’s playful, organic sense of sonic exploration, but with an added mechanical sheen that harkens back to Mille Plateaux’s classic clicks and cuts. Partly resembling Fennesz’s static-addled bliss but with a smeared, extended epiphany of endless resonance, the song highlights Ogive’s refreshing take on ambient music.

Folds is out this month on Room40 and available to preorder via Bandcamp.