Video Premiere: Simulation – ‘Nalumbanet’

Posted by on May 19, 2017

The story goes something like this: when Laura Callier and Whitney Johnson were touring together, under the guises of their solo projects Gel Set and Matchess, they had a profound paranormal experience, one without a clear or discernible source. Had the messenger come from outer space or the afterlife? This preceded a series of minor disasters; shows were cancelled, car troubles, etc. Were these things related? What was the spirit or extraterrestrial trying to say? Now that contact had been established, how could they communicate?

The visual accompaniment for Nalumbanet is Simulation reaching back and beyond. In their words, the video is “an attempt to continue [their] dialogue with the ‘other side.’” Recorded by an assortment of friends in an assortment of West Coast terrains — the beach, the forest, the desert — it shows a series of gestures or attempts intended to communicate with something out there. Elsewhere they describe it as a journey “across the country following extraterrestrial orders sent via a collection of cryptic EVP recordings…” EVP standing for “electronic voice phenomenon.” 

Though not encumbered by the lavish production cost or developmental time as Lucifer Rising, Callier and Johnson’s Nalumbanet video does have some overlap with Kenneth Anger and his “Magick Lantern Cycle” series — which is to say symbolism abounds in the film, as does ritual and the natural world. Of course an important distinction there is that neither Callier nor Johnson  to my knowledge has ever been connected with the Manson family, unlike the cast of Lucifer Rising.

Stream or buy Nalumbanet via Simulation’s Bandcamp.