Video: Jamka – “Igora”

Posted by on April 11, 2017

Hailing from the Slovakian noise scene but now based in London, Jamka are a duo with a synthetic palette that speaks well to their varied background. The duo’s video for “Igora” complements the structural, slightly distorted [square wave?] musical threads with fluid bursts of color and video noise and signal disruption. Bright colors play alongside dark repetitive movements throughout the first half of the cut, with monolithic red adding a feeling of flesh even in the absence of any living figure appearing. Toward the close of the song, the duo bend the repetitious elements into a triumphant theme, resulting in a surprising sense of storytelling or holism after the comparatively sparse opening sequences. Here the monolithic colors and flashing shapes burst into rich floral patterns or vital bouquets. The conclusion of the song is quite surprising, as I felt as though a HIDE comparison was potentially due at the beginning of the track. Yet, Jamka twist synthetic noise into bright patterns that necessitate return listens.

“Igora” is from Jamka’s album Inter Alia, on the Urbsounds Label.