Video: 10th Letter – ‘Nature in Singularity’ Video Companion

Posted by on February 13, 2017

Following closely on last month’s Decoder interview, Atlanta producer 10th Letter, aka Jeremi Johnson, takes a jazzy new turn into the world of hyperrealism on his new EP, Nature in Singularity, part of a recent event inspired by Ray Kurzweil’s concept of technology and development. The four track suite and accompanying visuals were debuted late last month at Tech Square Labs in Atlanta as a part of Volta Lab’s “The Singularity: A Future Reality Sound Experience,” an event touted as the city’s “first virtual reality concert.” The concerts were organized around three themes, self, society, and nature — given the latter portfolio, Johnson ran wild, extruding organic-sounding muzak and snippets of thoughts from an imagined AI consciousness as it traverses the range of landscapes collected in video above. If nothing else, it’s a fun digression for Johnson, and who can complain about a visual compilation of exotic renderings and demure robots?

Download Nature in Singularity via 10th Letter’s Bandcamp.