Video Premiere: Jad Fair, Hifiklub, & kptmichigan – “Sunshine”

Posted by on August 26, 2016

Don’t Give Up is the second collaborative album from Half Japanese co-founder Jad Fair, French rock quartet Hifiklub, and German-based producer kptmichigan, following 2014’s Bird House. According to Joyful Noise, it was assembled piecemeal, beginning “as a series of eighteen compositions created by Hifiklub over the course of one weekend, which were then completed remotely by Jad Fair and deconstructed/reassembled by kptmichigan.” Despite Fair’s spoken word delivery and the otherwordly somnambulance of both albums, in the vein of a truly bizarre floor ensemble playing while an old cruise ship sinks, the two feel weirdly different thanks to the circumstances of their recording… which is only worth mentioning because they both really are distinctly weird. Though details are slim they were reportedly first convened to record audio for a French exhibit of Fair’s artwork, before Joyful Noise got wind of the outcome

Maybe Fair is a relentless noise-making curmudgeon for Joyful Noise to have touted the moderating influences of these particular collaborators, but the hypnotic splat they constitute sure seems like a happy junction. In terms of atmospherics the emphasis is on hypnosis, repetition and preparation, targeted fragments that owe their final orientation to kptmichigan’s ear. That feel is well reflected in a shimmering, wobbly new video we’re glad to share above, via Joyful Noise. Fair is on full display while kptmichigan churns Hifiklub into a fog. Considering how these recordings were passed down the line, it’s a surprisingly balanced and considered successor to a debut that might have been a one-off, albeit a mysterious and engaging one.

Order Don’t Give Up via Joyful Noise.