Video Premiere: Teasips – “Chrono”

Posted by on July 8, 2016

Teasips is artist and writer Ang Wilson, usually one half of LA-based Electric Sound Bath — a duo with Brian Griffith, aka Greyghost, more and more known in the area for their regular live meditations and events. Appropriately, her new cassette Proxemic Realms is concerned with space, both the interior and exterior of the listener at least. Wilson describes Proxemic Realms as “a musical/non verbal study in the use of space, and how various differences in that use can [make] us feel at ease, or anxious.” Its music is mostly loose, tightening focus occasionally, but juxtaposing instruments and field recordings in a way that promotes more the sense of ease than the anxiety she mentioned. The opening four tracks, the lion’s share of its runtime — titled, I like to imagine, like coordinates or a design — juxtapose flute, drones, or simply showcase well prepared field recordings for a set of simple but engaging experiments with tension and color. Appropriate enough, considering she also describes the goal of Teasips as “[exploring] experimental music through everyday ritual.”

For the b-side of Proxemic Realms, the thread of consciousness risks numbing as it tumbles through relaxing asides. The transition from feet to inches feels seamless, but “Mondegreen” and “Chrono” are distinct. However tempting to say they feel more intentional, that impression is a low-hanging response to its more peripheral nature sounds — wisps of birdsong reflected in little bits of synth fiddling on “Mondegreen.” “Chrono” is a sensitive, tonal smorgasbord, the album’s closing digression, girded with a similar but even more discreetly interwoven palette of nature sounds. For the track’s home produced visual accompaniment, an illustrated cell expands, wobbles lightly around its edges, and slowly contracts into nothing over a misty hillside. The whole kit is pretty relaxing, so I assume no one would blame you if your eyelids started to wobble a bit as well.

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