Video Premiere: Doctor Nod – “Little Ride”

Posted by on July 7, 2016

Arkansas-based Doctor Nod is back with a couple of fresh ones to follow up his Top Tips cassette, out this past April via Clean Nice Quiet. The self-released single, “Wha???” and its b-side, “Little Ride,” are apparently the result of Kale Ogle’s first time recording in a proper studio setting — and they do have a somewhat clearer depth than previous self-made recordings, while still preserving Nod’s characteristic warble and fuzz. The video for “Little Ride,” (created by the Doctor himself) features vintage 8mm footage from Yellowstone in 1954, painted and drawn over with bright colors (5,280 separate pinky nail-sized drawings, to be exact), producing a hypnotic effect that fits nicely with the track’s pleasant, acid-in-the-summer vibes. The song takes a turn about two minutes in, guitar and keys reeling suddenly like a waterslide, contrasting with the more languid beginning, where Kale sings “I was lying in my bed / I was half asleep or dead” over his noisily-building guitar layers and Jack Katze’s consistent drumming.

Head over to the Doctor Nod Bandcamp to grab the digital single or Top Tips (which comes with a zine and sticker)!