Video Premiere: Central Broadcasting Unit – ‘When Cars Attack’

Posted by on June 13, 2016

“Most of us believe that car accidents are caused by inept drivers. Not true!,” writes the Hard Vapour Resistance Front. “In fact, rogue mechanical and astrological forces have been conspiring to cause the majority of collisions since the dawn of the automotive age.”  The prolific label’s absurd set-up for Central Broadcasting Unit’s When Cars Attack is as emphatic as the music, weird techno and  industrial gabber: “For your safety and that of your loved ones, it is vitally important that you watch this program repeatedly.” Though it relies on the typically aggressive characteristics of “hardvapour” beats and can pummel at the right volume, When Cars Attack is mellow for gabber, smoothing out at various places into more nostalgic free-form psychedelics or funky, slagged dance music. Speaking to its aesthetic orientation,  the hard vs. soft controversy within vaporwave that ostensibly precipitated hardvapour — a pivot from the former’s dominant palette of East Asian signifiers toward Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine — is deceptively straightforward, complicated more by its own layers of anonymity than relative concerns about appropriation. Still, not much could contrast more appropriately with vaporwave than the label’s effort to prove their initial assertion, setting the album’s closing three tracks to footage of vehicular hijinks — a few very compelling driverless shots, and others that just seem like anyone’s very bad day.

Download When Cars Attack via H.V.R.F. Central Command or Combat Shock Worldwide, and scope out the former’s hefty new label sampler here.