Video Premiere: Stern – “Common Carrier”

October 29, 2015

Video Premiere: Stern – “Common Carrier” New Atlantis Records continues their prolific 2015, this time descending from aggro-jazz and avant-rock into the slow, deliberate pastures of Chuck Stern’s latest effort, Bone Turquoise. “Common Carrier” uses winding instrumentation to meticulously revolve around the song’s focal... 

Video Premiere: Booker Stardrum – “Drim Dram”

October 22, 2015

Video Premiere: Booker Stardrum – “Drim Dram” Booker Stardrum is a talented, long-time percussionist with a penchant for organic sounds, manifest as pleasant and lightly surreal psychedelics in his new solo recordings, titled Dance And, after gravitating for years toward a range of sympathetic projects — his NNA debut as VaVatican with... 


October 9, 2015

Video Premiere: HUFF DADDY – “NOVEL PHEROMONE” HUFF DADDY is the latest musical solo outfit for Joe Mygan, who you may already associate with Boston’s Language Sex Drugs Violence (or LSDV, for short) project. While LSDV mines a certain middle ground between Negativland, Everything is Terrible, TV Carnage, and Black Dice, permeating performance...