Video Premiere: Drunken Sufis – “T^T^T”

Posted by on April 22, 2015

Drunken Sufis return in 2015 with an alphabetical ode on Bad Friend Records that will be perfectly suited for your attention span and aesthetic sensibilities. “T^T^T” is just one of 26 experimental miniatures from their forthcoming tape, Cotton Candy Cluster Bombs, that finds the band (first) marching through triumphant college rock riffs and (second) dabbling in the crushing crumble of 21st century infrastructure and mass media. The burning plastic tank at the center of their video for “T^T^T” symbolizes the noxious rounded edges of their brown distortion, as well as the pointless abandon of consumerist destruction that necessarily keeps their song to soundbite length (editorial lyric: “Why would someone burn a toy?”). A single-frame shot is as oppressive as the palpable despair that emanates from their presentation. Not surprisingly, it’s the punctured stops and silent insertions at the end of the song that punish the listener while drawing them back for more. I think this is like seBADoh playing Albert Ayler without the resolve to make it to the end of a composition, but you can find out for yourself on April 28 from Bad Friend Records.