Video: Reighnbeau – “Saltwoundd”

Posted by on July 17, 2014

New Mexico’s REIGHNBEU released his latest HANDS at the top of the summer, a little season kicker from Bridgetown. “SALTWOUNDD” is a true builder, piling up layers of hums and buzz into a meditative cacophony of a cave. It constructs itself in an experimental shoegaze of lovely layered vocals and hard-hitting drums that continue to grow and flourish. The video, directed by James Lawrence, is equal parts jarring and mesmerizing, a sort of stop motion tour of a cabin and that creep around. Through a dizzying swirl of trees and staircases, you’re sucked in between the rich wall of sound and the walls of the home you’re prowling though. It’s unfamiliar, yet serene. The tape is still available on REIGHNBEAU’s Bandcamp and the Bridgetown Records site.