Video Premiere: Christina Vantzou – “Sister (Motion Sickness of Time Travel Remix)”

Posted by on July 8, 2014

As if her primary work wasn’t deeply moving and lethargically meditative enough, Christina Vantzou went and released a remix EP companion to her Nº2 LP, issued earlier this year on Kranky. Similar to the remix companion for Nº2, Vantzou asked a few close friends and similarly-minded folks to reinterpret her minimal, modern classical compositions into entirely new works sharing the same flourished and melancholic DNA. This time around, Kranky bedfellows Loscil and Ken Camden, John Also Bennett, and Motion Sickness of Time Travel each lent their curious and spatially drifting ears to the project, presenting four tracks of sprawling and orchestral drone music.

Premiered above is the video for Rachel Evans’ rework as Motion Sickness of Time Travel, directed by Vantzou herself. The pairing of Vantzou and Evans seems to have been written in the stars, an inevitable collaboration that was only waiting for a few cosmic details to fall into place. Back in February 2012, Evans wrote a detailed review of Vantzou’s debut LP along with a refreshingly in-depth interview with the Brussels-based composer and musician for Foxy Digitalis. Well, that could all serve as homework for this expansive rework, a tune that finds Evans putting the source material under a microscope to examine the most minute details. The strings and tones are magnified and given enough room to dive completely into, almost like a dissection of Vantzou’s work to see how it ticks. The video accompaniment follows an anonymous group of forest dwellers carrying out choreographed scenes of twilight rituals. The isolated locale and witching-hour demeanor create the perfect vibe for the moonlit sounds. Pick up the entire remix EP by heading over to Vantzou’s Bandcamp page now.