Video Premiere: Black Hat – “Imaginary Friends”

Posted by on March 4, 2014

Hausu Mountain (who have been completely unstoppable as of late) are gearing up to release the full-length LP Thought Of Two by Black Hat, who has previously released a CD-R on Debacle Records and a tape on Field Hymns. LA-based video artist Zara Ruckus has created a video clip for an edited version of the album’s first track, “Imaginary Friends”. Musically, it reminds me of Leyland Kirby’s recent beat-driven work, but drawn out with a much more overarching sense of dread (watch out for that rumbling bass, it’ll get ya). Visually, it crawls into a grainy black-and-white city and erupts into flashing and changing colors, superimposing city and nature images, into a bright yet uneasy blur. Thought Of Two is available on CD and LP via Hausu Mountain.