Video: Reighnbeau – “WISHFORNOW”

Posted by on December 10, 2013

After the stripped-back and lonely Friends, which featured little other than Bryce Hample’s whispered vocals and a gentle smattering of acoustic guitar, the most recent Reighnbeau releases might come as something of a surprise. September’s FULLOFSALT, with it’s bass-y drive and ambient haze was more akin to a Clams Casino collection than one by an Albuquerque oddball with a homesick heart and a couple of old uke’s.

August saw Hample return to 2012’s SPLINTERS///SALTWOUNDD tape to drown “SALTWOUNDD” in a sea of reversed loops and static fizz. For all intents and purposes it is exactly the same song, but it provides a key to the new directions Reighnbeau appears to be moving in as a project. Hample all but washed his own vocals out of the mix, placing them so low as to turn them into a softly propelling wave beneath the tangle of electronics he was somehow trying to unravel. He succeeded with the EP’s B-side, the video for which you can watch above. “WISHFORNOW” clarifies Hample’s aim and represents a baton pass – flanked by female vocalists, with his own voice mixed way down again, he states his intention to step back into the shadows. He leaves his guitar to lead his subjects through fields until they reach the bass drum to which they all must dance. He closes his eyes, his long hair curling down his back over white robes like the leader of a cult as the girls all braid their hair in time. Others will be the face and voice of Reighnbeau now; the path to FULLOFSALT has been cleared. The SALTWOUNDDREDUX///WISHFORNOW cassingle is available now via Reighnbeau’s Bandcamp.