Video: Giving Up – “Overdressed In Underwear”

Posted by on November 13, 2013

In celebration of their recent split cassette with the sizzling Saralee, Giving Up has put out a video for “Overdressed In Underwear.” The track serves as a delicious opener to their new Sophomore Lounge release. Hammering drums and an anxious, surfy riff blunder into this crunchy teenage anthem. The video is full of all sorts of colors, patterns and green screen collages that mirror the pandemonium of youth. Smudgy VHS clips of a tequila sunset and clear blue water are cut around shots of snowing glitter and seeping pink smoke, the trio cuddled together and taking it all in from the comfort of a Pepto-Bismol background. Like spending a summer in your hometown, “Overdressed In Underwear” feels as recklessly drunk as a song can sound. The band blissfully moshes against the purple, Hawaiian shirt patterns of life, and embraces the chaos and confusion of being young to birth an unapologetic, punk-as-hell anthem. It provides an excellent taste for a romping roller coaster as it reels through Giving Up’s tracks, then tumbles head first into Saralee’s plucky tunes. Preorder the split cassette via Sophomore Lounge now.