Video Premiere: BLK w/BEAR – “Whitread”

Posted by on October 25, 2013

On their forthcoming album The Final Mapping of New Constellations for Little Crackd Rabbit Records, Washington DC’s BLK w/BEAR has taken music by Manchester, UK group Last Harbour as source material and radically reconstructed it to create a new collection of interpretations that slither in and out of human consciousness through holes in the untouchable aether. The US collective, which rotates around turntable and laptop artist J.S. Adams and includes cellist Doug Poplin, was originally asked to remix “The Stars Look Down,” a single Last Harbour track from 2012’s Your Heart, It Carries the Sound , but over a year later that one song has become a dozen very different visions. As the title would suggest, The Final Mapping of New Constellations is very much a space-bound entity, evoking the vast harmonious shifting of the cosmos through the use of glitchy tape cuts, hovering strings and echoing drones, but one which also brings our age-old fascination with space and time back to earth; the dusty observatories and creaking mechanical orreries of the earliest astronomers are present in tracks like “Sandraint” and “Whitread” — the video for which you can view above.