Video Premiere: Pregnant – “Strangers”

Posted by on June 19, 2013

There’s always more than meets the eye to Pregnant and his northern Californian brand of experimental weird. Any time we write about him the title of our post becomes a silly pregnancy joke. This one becomes “Video Premiere: Pregnant Strangers,” while other text descriptions, if read quickly, leave it almost suggested that mainstay Dan Trudeau is in fact pregnant with one of his bandmates (as in bandmate in utero, not that they conceived together — outright innuendo would be crass). For a new video with one of his regular Japanese collaborators, filmmaker Stan Okumura dives to even greater depths in Daniel’s humor and evolving sense of self; as I first contemplate the video, he tells me about the filming on facebook:

“We completely improvised for this video. The song is about realizing that you don’t know someone as well as you thought, and the craziness that ensues after the event. So we decided to just film me getting drunk and smoking cigarettes…”

Essentially, the reality of the band is that Pregnant is pregnant with Daniel himself, and that the outcome of both remains interconnected. Surely this is the reason that Daniel’s music is so endless compelling and that Okumura’s video fits so readily into his body of work. Every fleeting glimpse of the person within is upheld by the kaleidoscopic tumble of his music, whether it’s for a video like Okumuras, some of Dan’s own open-ended improvisations, or the more recent twist of his off-kilter beatwork.

His latest LP Pottery Mill is available from Mush Records.