Jake Falby at Muchmore’s

Posted by on June 13, 2013

We know Jake Falby from a fateful tour with some mutual friends last year that brought him through West Virginia, when he informed us that he’d just been playing violin in Argentina. Since then, we’ve adjusted our expectations of what that might necessarily mean, but only in the best ways imaginable, not that just playing the violin does not by itself also imply composing reserved, but jazzy experimental synth, organ, and string compositions. That’s under the aegis of a Brooklyn based trio, currently known as Three B; Falby handles violin, Isaac Tetenbaum plays piano and wurlitzer, while Kyle Martin holds down the synths and a miscellany of minor percussive actions. The video above captures a recent performance by Falby, with band mate Kyle Martin on hand to pump his violin through a cloned Buchla modular synthesizer. If the sound gets a little rough, “Day 3.1” is a smoother track from a set of Three B’s full band recordings that will ease out any wrinkles the video may have left behind.

Stream: Three B – 3.1