Healing Potpourri – “Keys to the City”

Posted by on June 11, 2013

Simi Sohota has been a stalwart of northern California’s Sacramento/Davis/Placerville eclectic-scene (you might recognize others like Daniel Trudeau/Pregnant, Michael RJ Saalman, Biosexual, etc), but this year he’ll break with his normal associates temporarily to release a 12″ from his Healing Potpourri project, a glistening and bubbly new ambient project that channels a measure of the precocious maximilism sometimes characteristic of other area weirdos with a “healing” sonic palette. Self-described “water music”, Sohota’s songs are appropriately open ended and pairs well with a homemade video that he’s circulating – thanks to D. Trudeau for pointing us in the right direction. Look for his debut, The Way Water Bends Light, on KDVS Recordings later this season.