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Dwight’s 2014: Last Year, What Year? Just Say Hello

January 30, 2015

Dwight’s 2014: Last Year, What Year? Just Say Hello As I wrote in the introduction to yesterday’s label feature, 2014 looked like a good year for labels — we admittedly see and try to treat with a large number, but isn’t that any aspiring capitalist’s ideal vision of shopping? A world of choice, with access to varied experiences.... 

Week in Review #40

October 11, 2014

Week in Review #40 #1 – 10/4/2014 – Boiler Room announced that it would begin organizing a series of classical performances with Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood and “a full orchestra,” pointing to growing interest and barriers that still prevent easy access to live, “collaborative”... 

Video Premiere: Party Trash – “Cyborg”

September 2, 2013

Video Premiere: Party Trash – “Cyborg” It’s Labor Day, so everyone with a regular job is kicking back on a Monday instead of stressing out. Most of the Decoder cuties are taking today off; but I work retail, so off days don’t exist to me. You got to sleep in, but I’m sure you’re ready from some audio and video stimulation,...