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Premiere: Mind Dynamics – “Khaki Makeout”

October 8, 2014

Premiere: Mind Dynamics – “Khaki Makeout” Mind Dynamics’ Precision Instruments, released late last year on the always stunning 1080p, was a highlight of experimental dance music, branching out of the genre’s loose norms for gloriously chaotic modes and anxious and alien techno. Roughly ten months later, the Brooklyn-based duo’s... 

Spooks – In Shadows Deep

November 25, 2013

Spooks – In Shadows Deep It’s been a busy season for many of our acquaintances at digital arts collective Living Room Visions; Mind Dynamics announced a cassette on Canadian label 1080p via XLR8R (Tim also covered him for Decoder in his last column), Riot Meadows has a beautiful new cassette on the fabulously named Turmeric... 

Interface Dynamics #2: Mind Dynamics, IVVVO, Yen Tech

July 17, 2013

Interface Dynamics #2: Mind Dynamics, IVVVO, Yen Tech Every month Tim from Rose Quartz examines three overlooked releases from the digital ether and their place in our networked culture. A certain dystopian current is running strong through underground electronic music right now. While Mind Dynamics — the Brooklyn duo of Brian Whateverer and Daniel...