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Video: M Dwinell – “Drive”

February 2, 2015

Video: M Dwinell – “Drive” Swiftly following the palindromic intonations of Metabolisus‘ dizzying and hypnotic SUS, Amish Records revisits its Required Wreckers series with the searing arpeggiations of Golden Ratio by M Dwinell. While many may know Dwinell from his time with FORMA, who revels in nuanced meanderings of... 

Premiere: Long Distance Poison – “A Passage Above”

June 11, 2013

Premiere: Long Distance Poison – “A Passage Above” Earlier this year, Brooklyn synth trio Long Distance Poison released their first remix LP, Gliese Translations, which saw Steve Moore (Zombi, Lovelock) and Shawn Parke add kosmische disco beats to their sound in very different ways, while Drew McDowell (Coil, Psychic TV) did more of a dark, hypnotic...