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Dwight’s 2014: Last Year, What Year? Just Say Hello

January 30, 2015

Dwight’s 2014: Last Year, What Year? Just Say Hello As I wrote in the introduction to yesterday’s label feature, 2014 looked like a good year for labels — we admittedly see and try to treat with a large number, but isn’t that any aspiring capitalist’s ideal vision of shopping? A world of choice, with access to varied experiences.... 


June 14, 2013

SAINT PEPSI – Hit Vibes SAINT PEPSI is a brilliant discoverer of sounds. Not only is the genre he sticks to the ideal playground for exploration, but he generously bestows on audiences the notion of uncovering secrets in out-of-date songs through a hands-on production style. So, what secrets will you find in his newest:... 

Saint Pepsi – “Skylar Spence”

May 21, 2013

Saint Pepsi – “Skylar Spence” Saint Pepsi continues to release hit after hit, week after week. Yesterday the producer posted up yet another banger. I can already see myself sliding across the dance floor, swinging my partner from one end to the other as we smoothly glide by one another continuously; in the same way that the various...