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Week in Review #74

June 27, 2015

Week in Review #74 #1 – 6.21.2015 – RVNG Intl. announced a set of six dates to be played in the US and CA by Robert A.A. Lowe and Ariel Kalma, whose We Know Each Other Somehow double-LP seems to have never left my turntable since it came out. Check the dates over at RVNG’s site and revisit our recent... 

Week in Review #50

December 20, 2014

Week in Review #50 Merry Christmas in advance, happy holidays and all that, thanks for reading along with us another week, another year… welcome to 2014’s final Week in Review. This Saturday we thought we’d kick things off by sharing a tidbit from last week, that is, Brooklyn producer Jacob 2-2’s... 

Circuit des Yeux, ‘Overdue’

January 20, 2014

Circuit des Yeux, ‘Overdue’ Ba Da Bing, 10/29/13 Haley Fohr’s music as Circuit des Yeux has come a long way over the past five or so years, encompassing four full-length LPs for the venerable De Stijl imprint, and a smattering of singles, tapes and EPs. Her early efforts were a grab bag of 4-track tape experimentation, hazy...