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Fletcher Pratt, ‘Selected Works (2015 – 2016)’

October 9, 2017

Fletcher Pratt, ‘Selected Works (2015 – 2016)’ Never Anything Records, 4.10.2017 The music and sound design found in horror movies is surely a primary contributor to the unease, tension, and dread found in such films. Horrific visuals alone, while certainly frightening, lack the same sensory impact, which can cause an audience to leap from their... 

Week in Review #80

August 8, 2015

Week in Review #80 “It’s that time of year again where my old pal Chris Berry of the Soft Abuse and Fruits & Flowers labels makes his annual trek down to Mankato to join me on the podcast show. This is something we’ve been doing since the start of the podcast, for five consecutive years now (maybe more even),... 

Week in Review #27

July 12, 2014

Week in Review #27 This week Fork & Spoon Records unveiled a new benefit compilation, Tidings From Our Light Purple Gam, revealing that label founder and Those Lavender Whales bandleader Aaron Graves is receiving treatment for a brain tumor. Graves is a tremendously kind person, and that tumor (and any like it) is...