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Stream: Awlnight – ‘Dmitry Chaykin’

April 12, 2016

Stream: Awlnight – ‘Dmitry Chaykin’ Lithuanian-born and Belarus-based beatmaker Awlnight, the latest moniker of Dmitry Lukoits, popped onto our radar last-year thanks to Like it Loud, a lengthy split cassette with Japanese producer ΔKTR for San Francisco’s venerable beat-outpost Fuzzoscope and most recently on Inner Ocean’s... 

Week in Review #113

April 9, 2016

Week in Review #113 FFFoxy Podcast #76 “I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather over the past few days, so hopefully the talk breaks don’t sound even more scatterbrained than usual on this episode. I wanted to keep things on track with the podcast, though, this time focusing mostly on a bunch of newer music... 

Week in Review #81

August 15, 2015

Week in Review #81 It looks like we’re exactly a month late with this tidbit, but I can’t help but start this week’s review with the Public Domain Review’s incredible exploration of imagined instruments: “Cat Pianos, Sound-Houses, and Other Imaginary Musical Instruments,” penned by...