Decoder Magazine #1 – Perfect Bound Edition (147p) - $15 (USA/Canada) and $21 (World), PPD

Essays from Noah Klein, Henning Lahmann, Joe Miller, and Brad Rose; interviews with African Apparel, Anenon (aka Brian Simon), and Sonny Smith; Patrick Bowman covers Pittsburghís 2012 VIA Festival; new comics from Garret Harkawik, Craig Howrie, Steve Pavlovic, and Malachai Ward; poems and prose by Liz Pavlovic, Matthew Sage, Travis Street, Dylan Travis, and Devon Welsh; and new works from Christian Filardo, Hunter Mack, Michael McGregor, David Mohr, Adam Myatt, NewVillager (aka Ben Bromley and Ross Simonini, et al), and Claire Pestaille. Plus, a selection of curated (free) ads (that we gave to our friends) and access to an exclusive mixtape.

Decoder  Magazine Issue #1 Photos