Decoder Magazine #2  (215 pages)


Interviews with Boy Harsher, Bananafish zine founder Seymour Glass, Konrad Jandavs aka No UFO’s, Josh Schafer of the Lunchmeat zine,  Astral Spirits proprietor Nate Cross, Nashville staples The Cherry Blossoms, Atlanta producer 10th Letter, Will Long aka Celer, and Sister Grotto.

Features on New York recorder Cal Fish, Brian Kinsman of LA’s Deathbomb Arc, Boston rapper Ed Balloon, Navajo-American artist Raven Chacon, composer Zeen Parkins, Michael Krassner and the long history of the Boxhead Ensemble, along with a massive and insightful update essay on Weird Canada‘s ongoing Wyrd Distro project from Editor-in-Chief Marie LeBlanc Flanagan.

Along with dozens of reviews of albums you do and don’t know, written by people you do and don’t know even better. Finger paint along with us inside!

Artists reviewed in Decoder #2 include…

||| ||| (Entr’acte) • Dylan Golden Aycock (Scissor Tail) • Bastian Void (Moss Arcive) • Beacon Sound Choir (Infinite Greyscale) • The Body (Thrill Jockey) • Boy Harsher (DKA) • Joanna Brouk (Numero Group) • Jeff Burch (Spring Press) • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (Geographic North) • William Fowler Collins & James Jackson Toth (Bear Tree) • Council Estate Electronics (Glacial Movements) • Common Eider, King Eider (Cold Spring) • Ekin Fil (Helen Scarsdale Agency) • Garde Forestier (Field Hymns & Cocktail Pueblo) • Glochids (Lime Lodge) • Rod Hamilton & Tiffany Seal (Ehse) • Icepick (Astral Spirits) • Klaus Johann Grobe (Trouble in Mind) • Harry Knuckles (FALK) • Brad Laner (Drawing Room) • Robin Lohery (Vanity Press) • Los Greys (Night People) • Samara Lubelski (Drawing Room) • Nick Malkin (Dzang Records) • Maher Shalal Hash Baz (OSR) • Joe McPhee (Astral Spirits) • NoinoNoinoNoino (Caoutchou) • Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist (Glacial Movements) • Ocean Viva Silver (The Sublunar Society) • Anthony Pasquarosa & John Maloney (Feeding Tube) • Posset (Invisible City) • Robedoor (Hands in the Dark) • Sean McCann (Recital Program) • Sapropelic Pycnic (No Index) • Science Fiction (Stimulus Progression) • Shapes & Melfi (Umor Rex) • Sister Grotto (Heavy Mess) • Suspect (Night People) • Talk Midway (Already Dead) • Talugung (Power Moves) • Threes And Will (Nothing Out There) • Ver Sacrum (Lugubrious Audio) • Yeongrak (End of the Alphabet) • The Zookeeper (Astral Plane Recordings)





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