Gelsey Bell/John King, ‘Ciphony’

September 29, 2017

Gelsey Bell/John King, ‘Ciphony’ Gold Bolus Recordings, 5.11.2017 The pelagic sections of the open ocean are classified by diminishing light and life. Closest to sea level, the epipelagic zone gets the most light, down to the hadalpelagic, which covers the ocean’s deepest areas like the Mariana Trench. These regions are used... 

Peter Kris, ‘Jacumba’

September 25, 2017

Peter Kris, ‘Jacumba’ Power Moves Library, 4.3.17 It’s been a real pleasure hearing the evolution of German Army co-founder Peter Kris as a solo artist. Kris has expressed before that his solo music originally stemmed from an interest in creating his own soundtracks for driving or travel. Instrumental and mostly focused... 

Tradition, ‘Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol’

September 11, 2017

Tradition, ‘Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol’ Bokeh Versions, 3.31.17 “Out of the cosmic factor, between the years 1952 and 56 anno Domini  / A combination of celestial forces collided with the spiritual powers of nature / to bring forth, tradition.” With that invocation began the fateful adventures of Captain Ganja and the Space...