Ekin Fil, ‘being near’

March 22, 2017

Ekin Fil, ‘being near’ Helen Scarsdale Agency, 6.24.16 The most unsettling track on Ekin Fil’s latest LP being near is side B’s “timesickness.” It opens with a punctuated, subby purr of synth bass mastered at a very soft volume. The effect is a sensation almost more tactile than auditory — like a phone vibrating... 

NoinoNoinoNoino, ‘8’

March 16, 2017

NoinoNoinoNoino, ‘8’ Caoutchou Records, 1.17.17 “Supergroups” or even any true collaboration can be hazardous propositions, but fortunately they often enough bear fruit. NoinoNoinoNoino’s 8 cassette for Caoutchou Records documents one exemplary success. The collaboration brings together Kiki Hitomi’s...