Bastian Void, ‘Nippon LP’

October 19, 2016

Bastian Void, ‘Nippon LP’ Moss Archive, 7.3.2016 How do you imagine Japan? I’ve never even left the USA. But, I have been EVERYWHERE in the USA like a dozen or more times.  Enough, in fact, that I can use past experience to splice together the tech-iest NYC jumbotrons, busiest apple stores, cheeriest cherry blossom trees,... 

||| |||, ‘Feireenesse’

October 5, 2016

||| |||, ‘Feireenesse’ Entr’acte, 6.21.2016 Entr’acte, the Antwerp-based label renowned for its stripped-back approach to packaging and presentation, has released its most enigmatic artefact yet in the form of Feireenesse, the new (perhaps only) album by ||| |||, aka Six Swords — an artist or group of artists...