Aglaia is Always Wrong, ‘Forgetful Diver’

May 24, 2016

Aglaia is Always Wrong, ‘Forgetful Diver’ More Mars, 2.29.16 Almost a decade into his career as a sound artist, there’s still precious little information to be found on whoever is behind Aglaia is Always Wrong. We know he’s male, based in Greece and a member of the free-rock duo Svounia, otherwise… well, that’s about... 

Yeongrak, ‘Brainsoutclock’

May 4, 2016

Yeongrak, ‘Brainsoutclock’ End of the Alphabet Records, 4.4.16 I first came across producer yeongrak near the end of 2014 when music critic Adam Harper included him in one of his System Focus columns for The Fader.  At the time, yeongrak was exploring an interzone somewhere between noise, beats and footwork — sped-up sandpapery...