Steve Hauschildt, ‘Where All Is Fled’

November 16, 2015

Steve Hauschildt, ‘Where All Is Fled’ Kranky, 9.25.2015 A bit of orientation: referencing a tradition in electronic music with an intense cult following, Kranky calls Where All Is Fled “a modern kosmiche milepost.” Hauschildt’s former group, Emeralds, has its own deeply devoted fanbase and its own complex universe of musical influences.... 

Ki Oni, ‘Elephas’

November 11, 2015

Ki Oni, ‘Elephas’ 6.21.2015, Inner Islands “Chillwave is the iPhone 4 of music genres,” quoth my drunk and cynical friend, “hinging on its own planned obsolescence. It’s the soundtrack to Windows Vista and beta-testing apps.” We were stumbling across Brooklyn’s Williamsburg wasteland, away from the warehouses...