Various Artists, ‘DoubleCASS’

March 24, 2015

Various Artists, ‘DoubleCASS’ CrackleTimesFavor Cassettes, 1.16.2015 What? Are you kidding me? How do these tapes exist? How have I lived twenty-some whole years of worthless life without this release? How did the universe hold together without these cassettes to imbue each atom with immutable significance? Fuck me, I love this... 

Powerdove, ‘Arrest’

March 5, 2015

Powerdove, ‘Arrest’ Sick Room Records/Murailles Music, 9.15.2014 Only / When You’re Near / When You’re Near / I grow steady / You make me steady / Longing / In my dreaming / Wishing / We were stealing / Kisses / Your sweet kisses. Annie Lewandowski seizes her listener from the moment Arrest opens, which is... 

James Place, ‘Living on Superstiton’

March 4, 2015

James Place, ‘Living on Superstiton’ Umor Rex, 2.24.2015 Phil “PT” Tortoroli co-curates NYC’s burgeoning Styles Upon Styles imprint, which is focused on dropping adventurous slabs of wax in a primarily electronic vein. Alongside the mother imprint, which features arresting music from the likes of Archie Pelago and White Visitation,...