Alex Cobb, ‘Marigold & Cable’

October 28, 2014

Alex Cobb, ‘Marigold & Cable’  Shelter Press, July 2014 Alex Cobb’s music, whether under his own name or as Taiga Remains, is consistent in the way he blends drone and ambient improvisations into a streamlined, coherent vision. When reading the press sheet for Marigold & Cable, his most recent record, you’ll learn that... 

Bitchin Bajas, ‘Bitchin Bajas’

October 24, 2014

Bitchin Bajas, ‘Bitchin Bajas’ Drag City, 8/26/14 Tracking the evolution of Bitchin Bajas has been one of my favorite music-related endeavors of the decade thus far. When the project emerged as the solo side-act of Cave’s Cooper Crain in 2010 it was in the form of a relatively straightforward drone record, Tones and Zones.... 

White Fence, ‘For the Recently Found Innocent’

October 22, 2014

White Fence, ‘For the Recently Found Innocent’ Drag City, 7/22/2014 Do you ever pretend that contemporary musicians are gigantic rock stars? I know Ty Segall has actually appeared on TV (in fact, I wish I could come back as a 12-year old just to have his Letterman segment enlighten my ears to the promises of rock), and Darker My Love one-upped those...