Decoder Podcast #05: Czaszka, Graham Dunning, German Army, & Strategic Tape Reserve

Posted by on December 15, 2016


When I recorded the introduction for this episode of the Decoder podcast, it seemed very very much like the American election results would be the worst and weirdest event that I would have to register. As of my writing, multipurpose and studio spaces across the country are being targeted in an energetic burst of bum-covering and opportunism following the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. That reaction and most others like it disproportionately affect the margins of these communities, and many of us are waiting and hoping for good news of how our friends will spend the remainder of their winter and holidays.

Though I might have rerecorded my introduction at some point throughout all this, I can’t do either issue anything like the justice deserved. For the last several years our focus has been on keeping things going, moving forward as much as possible. Fortunately there are still many people creating resources and making first contact for those in need of advice or help. Obviously there’s always more that can be done and if you’re reading this I encourage you to buy a tape, help a friend, volunteer, do anything to build momentum. Make your cause common wherever you can.

We’re otherwise glad to share what turned out to be a particularly fun episode with some unusual prepared segments courtesy of German Army and Strategic Tape Reserve. Leading into those, we have a mix of recent material from Edinburgh’s Czaszka Records and an extended conversation with British composer Graham Dunning about he and Embla Quickbeam’s Inside Memory’s Head cassette.

Having said that, please keep writing, keep recording, start a blog, start a label, love your neighbor, and please please stay warm and hopeful — thanks for listening.

Happy Holidays,

All of us (including you) 


>>>>>> Stream: Decoder Podcast #05 <<<<<<


(1:33) Czaszka Records
1. Intro >> Rewind
2. Somnoroase Pasarele – “PATRU” from PATRU
3. African Ghost Valley – “CAGE” from UCCIDE
4. Beachers – “Honey, You Can Drown Me Anytime” from I Wanna Be Your Wall
5. Kamil Kowalczyk – “Andromeda’s Dream” from Andromeda
6. Morkebla – “Submerged Dunes” from A Field of Secondary Craters 
7. Outro <<<

(29:00) Nicholas Langley of Third Kind Records speaks with artist Graham Dunning about he and Embla Quickbeam’s ‘Inside Memory’s Head’ cassette for the label, out 10.8.2016 and available via Bandcamp

(59:13) Bobby Power interviews an anonymous representative or member of German Army
1. German Army – “No Roles” from Disquiet (Discrepant, 2016)
2. Introduction
3. Q&A
4. German Army – “House of Man” from Yanomami (Sacred Phrases, 2016)
16:05 – German Army “Smooth Voice” ‘Tassili Plateau’ (Field Hymns, 2014)
18:35 – German Army “Pennantia Side A (edit)” ‘Pennantia’ (905 Tapes, 2014)
20:18 – German Army “Willowbrook Reporter” ” (Yerevan Tapes, 2015)

(1:25:08) Strategic Tape Reserve
1. Jöns – “Inline-Skating” from Rügen
2. Jöns – “Carnage at Perpignan Ham Festival” from Music for Euronews
3. Emerging Industries of Wuppertal – “Parade of Heroic Actuaries” from Transformation Cues
4. Strategic Tape Reserve Staff – “Trial 10” from Efficient Processes for Synthetic Funk
5. Emerging Industries of Wuppertal – “Kondratieff in Descent” from Transformation Cues
6. Jöns – “The Hares of Chemical Cluster Delfzijl” from Music for Euronews
7. Jöns -“Love at 62 mBar” from Music for Euronews
8. Belmont Lacroix – “She Pushes Ice into the Sky (Instrumental)” from Rialto Boulevard
9. Beauty Product – “Silver in the Gray” from Wild Parvenu: Maxi​-​Single