Decoder Podcast #02

Posted by on August 7, 2015

decoder podcast 2

For the second episode of the Decoder podcast — now firmly off schedule moving forward — we have an oddball mid-summer episode we’ve dedicated to our friend and collaborator Mike Griffin, while he recovers (smoothly) from a vehicular kerfuffle. This installment opens with an anonymous weirdo-pop segment curated by one of our veiled own, with a pair of label features; podcast MC David Perron talks to D. Petri about his various projects and the burgeoning (meticulously prepared) catalog of his Aubjects imprint, while Bobby Power talks to 1080p proprietor Richard MacFarlane. Check out a slab of tracks we picked for Mike at the end of the episode. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and a third thanks for good measure… a fourth if you send some positive energy to Mike.

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1. Introduction

Zolo/Odd-pop Segment
2. Bubbly Mommy Gun “Cuckoo Lungs,” Sand Roses (self-released)
3. Macula Dog “Wrong Phone,” S/T (Haord Records)
4. Pataphysics “90 Days/Music for Standing Outside,” My Phones About To Die (Pecan Crazy)
5. Larry Wish & His Guys “Time Gambler,” Nothing’s Bad Every Happened (Goblin Court)
6. Yip Yip “Big Dud,” Bone Up (Glowmobile)
7. The Coneheads “What’s Best,” LP 1 (Erste Theke Tontraeger)

D. Petri (Aubjects) interview with David Perron
8. Transition: Homogenized Terrestrials “Sked Stepper,” Shadows Think Twice (Aubjects)
9. Interview
10. Dog Hallucination “Parallel To Sunrise,” (excerpt) Mitzi (Aubjects)
11. Amalgamated “Side A”, (excerpt) Solvé et Coagula (Aubjects)

Richard MacFarlane interview with Bobby Power
12. Transition: D. Tiffany “Chains,” S/T (1080p)
13. Interview
14. LNRDCROY “I Met You On BC Ferries,” Much Less Normal (1080p)
15. Journeymann Trax “Canopy” (ft. D. Tiffany), Smoke Tape (1080p)

Mike Griffin dedication
16. Transition to: Parashi “Fossilized Car,” Tovarich (Fabrica)
17. Wolf Eyes “Burning the Dust,” Lower Demos (self-released)
18. The Fall “Container Drivers,” Grotesque (After the Gramme) (Castle Music)
19. Sleaford Mods “Tied Up In Nottz,” Divide and Exit (Harbinger Sound)
20. Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, excerpt from Clifton Park, NY, Vol. 1 (Golden Lab)

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