Premiere: Pun Collins – “Mainframe” (feat. Nico Niquo)

Posted by on January 4, 2018

The last we heard from French producer Axel Lacan was in April 2017 with his decayed and engrossing World Wide Wave cassette for Brooklyn’s Dirty Tapes. His new 12″, titled Lunar Influence, for UK-label Them There Records is an introspective contrast, a somnambulent flip-side to the more poised, forward textures of World Wide Wave. It feels particularly appropriate as I’m writing, with a huge yellow moon tooling around the sky at night.

“Mainframe” is the first single from the new album, featuring a guest contribution from Australian DJ and producer Nico Callaghan, aka Nico Niquo — it appears just after the album’s other, equally appealing collaboration with Japan’s Fumitake Tamura (Leaving Records), aka Bun. Both are actually somewhat deceptive. Hearing “Mainframe” by itself, you might imagine a starker contrast with the themes and even the mechanics of World Wide Wave. Neither album is particularly optimistic. That said, “Mainframe” does exemplify a compelling new interest in negative space, here with a more slinky course through fields of silence and quiet — elsewhere with meditative tones or more purely textural, ambient experiments. Highly recommended.

Order the Lunar Influence 12″ via Them There Records.