Melange – “Cotard”

Posted by on December 19, 2017

viento bravo

Winding a path through some reimagined vein of older rock is Melange, a Madrid-based quintet that rides the softer edges of jazzy rock into mournful stomps and understated melodic twists. Following an era that often interpreted psychedelic rock with a hammer, Melange use their album Viento Bravo to develop more key-driven variations on the genre. “Cotard” is a fittingly cosmic demonstration, as doubled key-bass-guitar lines establish a pattern that serves a suitable foundation for cool vocal lines. Any lead that takes the spotlight does so without shredding the vibes, giving the song a wonderful feeling of fluttering along. Much of the album has this feeling, more or less, and in a way it’s what you’d imagine from an earthy vein of Spanish prog. Even for its lack of overt wickedness or truly unearthly sounds, this is still grand, exploratory rock. Suitable for the earliest morning hours, as the barely-there gaze of your tired soul reaches on, or your just-waking eyes seek meaning for the new day.

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