$$$TAG$$$ – ‘Fractals’

Posted by on December 1, 2017


Asem Tag’s new $$$TAG$$$ cassette Fractals, out last month via UK imprint Seagrave, is a world where meandering, electronic soundscapes exist with an almost divine beauty. Writing as Blade Runner 2049 comes down from the peak of its hype, this album sounds like something that was made with precisely that universe in mind. “Unshackled/Unfree” shimmers and flickers soothingly, before an intense bassline takes center stage. “Matuskaian Pleasures” starts out slow, but soon speeds up into a flurry of static bass noise before marching off into the same mysterious distance from whence it came. Title track “Fractals” grunts with ferocity and obliquely paces itself with clipped drum weirdness. “Rituals” stands out during my first listening, with its heavily delayed pings and bubbles of synthesis sounding as if it’s had long dunk in some kind of frequency wash. “Atrocity Exhibition (for 18 Termites)” closes the tape out with a minimalist sequence of rigid yet spontaneous bass tones. Overall, Fractals is defiantly raw and experimental: a truly rewarding listen.

Download or buy Fractcals via Seagrave Records.