Premiere: Video Duct – “Talk Like A Man”

Posted by on November 28, 2017

In many ways, the greater American Midwest is a place of natural extremes that the rest of the United States experiences differently. It can be isolating and remote, a fearful prospect for many these days, though for just as many it’s unavoidably home. Depending on your cosmic spin or human trajectory, survival and happiness can look wildly different. “Free fallin’ as a deranged way of life, drop, drop until the true essence is what is left on the floor. That’s what our everlasting daily search is all about, right folks!?” With those words Bolognian label Maple Death offers the debut from 18 year old Missouri punk recorder Video Duct, Small Pets & Kitchenettes — a compact ten tracks that screams itself into denser and denser holes with each track. It’s an angular sludge fest, a warming gruel made of hot razor blades, though it feels poised and weirdly concise. “Talk Like A Man” is the album’s hissed, spit-flinging centerpiece, signalling a transition deeper into its buried, kaleidoscopic psychodrama, before flowering brilliantly into noise and mania with “Bus Accident” and “I’m Sitting In Shit.”

Download Small Pets & Kitchenettes or order on tape (featuring j-card art by Giulia Mazza) via Maple Death Records.