East of the Valley Blues, ‘Fayet’

Posted by on November 21, 2017


East of the Valley Blues is Patrick and Kevin Cahill, twin brothers playing acoustic guitars. It’s really as simple as that. Their improvisation-heavy pieces are recorded using a simple studio setup and published without additional overdubs or much mixing. While this means that the results are straightforward sonically, it also arms them with a unique intimacy and rawness. Fayet is their new tape, out almost precisely a year after the release of their self-titled debut LP via the same label, London’s Death Is Not The End. Here, their mesmerizing improvs sprawl out into two side-long pieces, “Lesser Sunda” and “High Loess,” as the brothers explore the meditative and devotional potential of acoustic music. Fayet is at times repetitive, like a looping tone mantra, while at others it calms down, flowers and branches out — as one or the other Cahill decides to slow things down or breathe. Listening to Fayet, it’s very easy to forget that this isn’t a live performance in your living room.

Fayet is available on cassette or to download now via Death Is Not The End.