V/A – ‘In The Eyes of Violence Iris Lies In Silks’

Posted by on November 16, 2017

in the eyes of violence

Where do you start with a review on a two-hour, twenty-two track, three-cassette compilation overview of a specific regional scene? “Twenty-two track” in this case also means “twenty-two artist.” Yeah, it’s a doozy. Let’s begin with some thoughts from Fraternity as Vanity label head Jeremiah Carter: “Alongside young kids struggling to find their way in a city riddled with gentrification, conservatism, and a lack of DIY culture, there is a burgeoning politically-charged punk and electronic scene… musically and visually it stands outside of the use of ironic imagery or country western clichés and our content must be about much more than garage rock parties and new country decadence.”

It’s a tall order, but an important one in a city whose artistic reputation is all-too-often restricted to just the loudest voices in the room. The tracks Carter has collected, under the name In The Eyes of Violence Iris Lies in Silks, are nothing if not individualistic. Electronic music, after all, can cover quite the spectrum, and it turns out Nashville has its own range to match. From Mischa Lively’s pulsing, Pretty Hate Machine-esque percussive dance track “Price of Connection” to Grey People’s haunting industrial techno on “Bathed in Ectoplasm” or Dream Chambers’ synth banger “Sensation,” In The Eyes of Violence Iris Lies in Silks shows off a criminally underdiscussed, artistically-ripe scene. Not to mention, it’s a two hour comp you can actually listen to all the way through — no easy feat by itself. Mazel Tov, Mr. Carter. Mazel Tov, Nasvhille!

In The Eyes of Violence Iris Lies In Silks is available to order on Fraternity As Vanity.