Endurance – ‘S/T’

Posted by on November 13, 2017

endurance stefane

A lonely astronaut becomes stranded in outer space and is infected by a parasite that forces him to endure the entirety of the universe, until it collapses in a singularity akin to an inverse Big Bang. As the universe slides into nothingness, the astronaut meets up with a plethora of creatures, each one infected with the same bug. Realizing that the goal of the parasite all along was to reunite with the other members of its race at the end of space-time, the astronaut wonders if, even after this lengthy and lonely existence, he must continue to endure.

Canadian expat Joshua Stefane began writing the short sci-fi story paraphrased above in 2014, which he named Endurance, prior to his entry into the ambient music scene. Urged on by his good friend Marcus Miller, Stefane — who currently works as a researcher and translator in Japan — brought to life the soundscapes that his writing awoke in his mind. An entire album unfolded, immense galaxies and nebulae of drone coalescing into a series of musical entities full of excitement and wonder (“Starsea,” “Collapsing Giants,” “New Companions, Old Friends”) along with an immense sense of loneliness (“I No Longer Miss Home,” “Goodbye Everything,” “Must I Still Endure?”). The music flows along in a cinematic vein, with each movement solemnly reflecting the psyche of the astronaut as he drifts toward an uncertain fate. Stefane’s synthesizers and tape loops spin this fabulous tale of dislocation and alienation expertly, fashioning melodies that stretch toward the infinite and drones that sail outward to the edge of the ever-expanding universe.

Stefane has yet to complete the story called Endurance, but has made the accompanying recordings available in an ultra-limited run of cassettes and in the unlimited digital form over at his Bandcamp. Tune in and enjoy eternity…